Botanical park of Crete
March 21, 2016
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The archaeological site of Aptera, the most powerful city in western Crete during the Minoan years, is situated 15 km from Chania, Crete, on a hill just above the highway Chania-Rethymnon, a place with panoramic views of Souda Bay and the surrounding area.

The findings of archaeologists who continue to come to light, complete the puzzle of this history of the ancient city-state. They give details of the settlements organization, the city architecture, the religion and the habits of the habitants who were keen archers.

Although the oldest mention of Aptera occurs of Linear B on the tablets at Knossos in the 14th-13th century BC as a-pa-ta-wa, the currently rich remaining’s of the excavations indicate that the hill was inhabited from the 8th century BC until the 7th century AD, when the city was abandoned due to a strong earthquake and because of attacks of Saracens Arabs.

In the archaeological site you can admire remaining`s from all the periods of occupation in Aptera, everything that could not be transferred to the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

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