Among the White Mountains and Psiloritis (Idi) is Rethymnon, by the most beautiful cities of Crete with many rocky landscapes, wonderful coast with many restaurants playing Cretan lyre melodies ofto raki accompaniment, legendary caves, historic monasteries, traditional mountain villages and luxury resorts. Feel the essence of the myth of Crete in the most mountainous, remote and self-contained area of ​​the island …

The important natural resources of the county primarily reflected Psiloritis, which dominates the eastern part of the region, the most mountainous Crete. The changing landscape will delight lovers of the countryside and not only: fertile valleys succeed harsh rocky landscapes and rugged coastline of sandy beaches. Lush valleys and small rivers that penetrate deep into the mountains, fauna protection areas and about forty canyons complete the picture.

The wonders of nature will take your breath away:

  • Preveli lagoon: at the point where the Great River (Kourtaliotis) flows into the Libyan Sea and Kourtaliotiko gorge ends, is the unrivaled beauty Preveli lagoon and the Palm Beach. To get there, you need to follow the road to the Monastery of Preveli. Shortly before the monastery, a path to the left leads to a parking • is the point that leads to the sandy beach with innumerable palm trees, an unexpected tropical landscape in the middle of the Mediterranean! The river which flows into the sea and the lush vegetation give a heavenly color on the beach, sometimes haunt of hippies in the ’70s.
  • The Nida plateau: 79 km. SE of the town of Rethymno, on the Psiloritis, lies the famous plateau of Nida. plateau trademark famous “mitata” stone vaulted pastoral accommodations. The plateau offers winter the possibility of winter sports with the infrastructure available.
  • Argyroupoli: Picturesque mountain village in a wooded area, built on the ruins of ancient Lappa (27 km. Southwest of Rethymno). The location of the sources, with dense vegetation, small waterfalls and ancient trees, the cave and the chapel are worth dedicating time to visit.

From spoudeiotera monasteries of Rethymno is the Monastery of Arkadi and Preveli Monastery located south of Rethymnon

  • Gorges unique beauty traverse the mountains of the county: Kourtaliotiko canyon (length 3 km.) Leads to the famous Preveli lagoon • the Kotsifou gorge starts from Kaneva village and reaches the Selllia village • the Patsou canyon in the area of ​​Amari • Prasiano the canyon that leads to the beach Platanias east of Rethymno • Arkadi gorge and many smaller ones.
  • The mountains are full of impressive caves. The Hole “and” eels Sison ‘most important is Gerani, of Simonelli (west of Rethymno), St. Anthony in the Amari province of Melidoni, the “Sfentoni (near Zoniana). The Ideon Andron, where according to legend, Zeus grew up, was in ancient times an important place of worship in both the Minoan and during the Roman period.

Significant archaeological findings reveal that the area flourished in ancient times since the Stone Age up to the Early Christian Period. Among the archaeological sites brought to light stand ancient Eleftherna, inhabited from the 8th century, BC, and the cemetery in Armeni with over 350 graves.

Religious monuments such as stone chapels Psiloritis, historic monasteries and basilicas rich with experiences visiting the prefecture of Rethymno. Great historical importance is the Arkadi Monastery (15th c.) With a view of the gorge and Preveli. A journey back in time is a tour of the traditional villages like Adele, Anogia, Garazo, Roustika and Chromonastiri where life follows its own light-hearted pace … Here you can taste excellent local delicacies like goat roasted with tomatoes, noodles and snails with herbs – always accompanied by the Cretan raki!

Visit Rethymnon summer and grass sun and sea on the stunning beaches. Both the north and the south coast of Rethymno prefecture famous for its sandy beaches insurmountable:

– The beach of Rethymnon town: Organized sandy beach with length of 20 km., Which extends to the east of the city.

– Panormos: The coastal village (20 km. A Rethymno) has one of the best organized beaches with excellent infrastructure.

– Bali: On foot Kouloukonas lies the coastal village of Bali (34 km. A Rethymno) with its famous beach. Choose one of the nearby islands within the homonymous cove and enjoy all day the caress of the sun and the sea.

– Plakias: The tourist resort of Plakias (40 km. South of Rethymno) is known for amazing beach that offers infinite possibilities for fans of water sports.

– Agia Galini: 58 km south of Rethymno, Agia Galini has exemplary tourist facilities and beaches with crystal clear waters well hidden to nearby islands.

– Preveli Beach: Area of ​​outstanding natural beauty, with palm, small lagoon where it flows into the Great River, and white sand, Phoenix, otherwise known as the Preveli beach, located 40 km south of Rethymnon.

If you find yourself in the summer in Rethymnon do not miss two very important cultural events: the famous “Renaissance Festival”, where you are invited to become protagonists, co-producers and traveling in a wandering through time through music and theater experience! Almost all performances are held in the theater “Erofili” in Fortezza. Truly happy whoever a summer afternoon goes up to the Venetian castle to enjoy a theatrical or musical performance …

On the other hand, the “Festival of wine” welcome wine, lovers of good wine and fans of fine cuisine in a festival tradition, gastronomy, wine tasting, fun part where all Crete!