1. To obtain a reservation, the person must carefully read the following terms and conditions which he accepts and fills in the corresponding field before completing the booking.
  1. When reservations are made by phone, we consider that the customer is aware of and consent to these terms and conditions.
  1. The following terms may be changed without notice. Customers can be informed of any changes by email.
  1. Personal information such as: Name, Customer Name, Flight Number, Arrival Time, Telephone Customer Communication, Destination (hotel- House) and a telephone communication destination, are necessary to consider a reservation confirmed. The customer is obliged to check all booking details if they are correct and if they meet the pre-agreement. Any error should be reported in the form of email, at least two (2) days prior to carry out the transfer of the client.
  1. Each successful booking will send a completed electronic form with reservation details which will be necessary when the customer boards on Taxi.
  1. The customer can pay the reservation in several ways such as:
  • Cash
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card, Viva Payments

Reservation which is paid with PayPal, or Credit Card (Viva Payments) that is canceled, reserves 5 € for bank charges. For payments by PayPal and Credit card (Viva Payments) client should be informed of the terms and conditions of each payment company.

  1. The prices of our catalogues are final with all services and taxes included.
  1. In order not to lose the deposit or the total value of the route client should inform us at least 2 days prior to arrival – departure in case of probable change or cancellation there for only by email.
  1. With the existing reservation pledge, we will wait for your delayed flight (for whatever reason) up to one (1) hour after the agreed time of arrival. Beyond after one (1) hour delay, you will be charged 12 € per waiting hour. There will be no extra charge if you inform us by email at least tree (3) hours in advance of the pre-accorded arrival in case of your flight delay.
  1. Our company’s driver will be at the standard reception place (Arrivals) holding a sign or a tablet with your first and last name or also with our company’s logo.
  1. We are at your disposal to contact us for booking, cancellation, questions or any clarification you need by email and sms 365 days a year 24 hours. Available for phone calls, from 05:00 to 00:00 daily.
  1. In order to properly provide our services we need to know, by keeping the route:
  • The exact number of passengers (adults / children)
  • If child seats are needed (children ages)
  • If you will pay the driver with credit card
  • the exact number and size of baggage
  • if there is a buggy
  • if there is a special hobby equipment
  • if there is a wheelchair vehicle
  1. Our vehicles (taxis & minivan) meet all European standards (safety belts, air conditioning, etc.), are new models (5 years) and uphold all maintenance rules.
  1. If it is necessary, the company can serve its clients with a taxi instead of a mini-van and the opposite, as long as the needs of transportation are covered and without any extra charge to the client.
  1. Our drivers are all Greek, certified professional guides with extensive experience in tourism and able to offer high quality services.
  1. We are responsible to serve with as much as possible less delay our customer in case of a casualty or damage to our car during the trip.
  1. Alcohol, smoking, drug use, etc. it strictly prohibited in the vehicle according of our country’s legislation. If brought to the attention of the driver that customers are under the influence of illegal substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.), the driver has the right to refuse such a transfer.
  1. All transfers are made without extra stops, except for uncommon stops (accident, damage, extraordinary customer needs, etc.) or a short stop in mini market for essentials.
  1. Our requirement is safe comfortable and timely transportation of our customers. However we are not responsible in case of problems or situations that are beyond our control, such as:
  • Delay traffic (car accident, etc.)
  • Transit traffic ban for any reason
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Vandalism or terrorist attacks etc.


Sincerely “T.I.C TAXI