March 21, 2016
March 21, 2016
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Seitan Ports

Although they look completely isolated, the Seitan Ports are located just 20 km from the city center of Chania. To get there you need to head to the airport, from there you drive to Hordaki village and from there to Rizoskloko there you will begin to see signs to goto the beach. If you encounter a closed door in the middle of the road, (it is there to limit the flock of a shepherd) please close the door again after passing. At some point, you will begin to go down a road with asphalt that looks like it ends in the middle of nowhere. At the point where the road stops starts steep but passable path that will bring you in about 5 minutes to this little paradise. The beach is called with various names such as “rim”, “Rizoskloko” and others.

The Seitan Ports were known to few people until a few years ago, it was then that the road ends there was constructed. On the beach and around, there is no infrastructure, which means that you must take with you water and anything else you need, and also collect your garbage and leave them in the nearest bin driving to the village. In August and weekends the beach attracts many visitors for its size, so choose to come here some other day in the beginning or the end of summer.

The location is known as Seitan Ports. The word Seitan is Turkish, apparently from the period that Turks ruled in Crete, and means diabolical. There for Seitan Ports are translated as Satan Ports.

However the beach in Seitan Port is more heavenly than devilish. Admire the clear sea color!

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