March 21, 2016
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March 21, 2016
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Botanical park of Crete

An area of ​​two hundred acres is waiting for you to discover fruit trees from around the world, herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants in a different park, where the configuration of the soil and the microclimate of the area makes it a heaven for hundreds of plants and animals!

Looking at the colorful and vivid landscape stands in the entrance a burnt centennial olive tree as a memory and a reference to the dismal fire of 2004, the history and the origin of the park. The newest and one of the most interesting sights of the prefecture of Chania lies only 18 km outside the city, at the foot of the White Mountains, appeals to visitors of all ages, combining enjoyments that only Crete can offer!

Facing the park and its facilities, it is impossible to imagine that this is the same area of ​​150-200 acres that was burned down in 2003, it now literally is reborn from the ashes. In place of the gray landscape is now, a unique educational and entertainment park of its kind. It awaits young and old, locals and visitors to discover the more than 150 kinds of fruit trees along with the dozens of herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants enjoying their walk in a green natural environment. The secret to enjoy your visit to the maximum is to wander the paths of the Botanical Park slowly and lazily, making rest stops at many places where offered. So you are going to really appreciate the beauty that you will meet.

… The adventure in nature that lasts one to two hours, followed by incredible natural beauty paths enables the visitor to discover the many and various plants and trees that grow on two hundred square kilometers of the studied planted slope. Proper marking of paths lead the footsteps of visitors to the different sections of the Botanical Park (tropical trees, fruit trees, citrus, herbs and vines).

The lush landscape complements the lake at the bottom of the park, which offers shelter and protection to ducks, geese and other water birds (and rare species) and even hawks that fly in the area. Also, the park has an open-air, stone atmospheric amphitheater suitable for small (approximately 250 persons) events.

The best time to schedule your visit is early in the morning and to complete your day with an excellent meal in the restaurant of the complex. Its local, organic and seasonal philosophy will be unforgettable!

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