Frequently asked questions

  • If my flight is delayed will additional costs incur?

    No, as long as we are informed at least up to three hours before your arrival (see Terms).
  • When I arrive at the airport how will I identify the company's driver that will be waiting for me?

    The driver will be at the standard pick-up point (Arrivals) holding a sign or a tablet with your name & surname or the logo of our company.
  • Can we can smoke during the transfer?

    During transport you are not allowed to smoke or consume alcoholic spirits etc. as this is not provided by the legislation of our country (see Terms).
  • How will I make payment for my transfer?

    Payment can be made by PayPal or any credit/debit card upon your completion of our form available on our website or by cash and credit/debit to the vehicle driver who takes you (see Terms).
  • What is the duration of my travel?

    Typical values of the distance and driving time between your transfer points and our prices are on the pricelist available on our website.
  • Up to how many passengers and number of luggage can each taxis allow?

    All Taxis in our country can carry up to four passengers and approximately 4 medium size luggage (for more luggage please make a request for this). (see Terms).
  • When should I request a van?

    When passengers are from 5-8 persons or when the volume of luggage is too large. (see Terms).
  • Is it possible to request a baby seat/s?

    Yes we can cater for child seats to all our destinations and upon request when booking.
  • I would like to cancel my reservation will there be consequences that will occur?

    You can make a cancellation or change your reservation up to 48h before your established arrival and only by email. A reservation which is paid via Paypal, or Credit Card (Viva Payments) which is canceled will have 5 € charge due to bank charges. (see Terms).
  • The prices of the price list include all of the charges?

    Our list prices are final with all services and taxes.
  • Can I book if I have no credit card?

    You can make a reservation without a credit card.
  • I want to change my reservation. How can I proceed?

    Only by email informing us about changes through our contact form. (see Terms).
  • One of our members is a person with disabilities and has wheelchair. Can he be transported in the same vehicle?

    If the customer with a disability is able to leave the wheelchair, he will then be able to board the same vehicle, and the possibility to transfer the wheelchair (as luggage) to the destination as long as we have been informed during your booking. (see Terms)
  • Is there an emergency phone to contact with you in the very small case that the driver is not yet at the airport during our arrival (early arrival)?

    You can contact us whenever necessary, by phone, SMS or email for any clarification, information or changes to your reservation. (see Terms)
  • I have lost my luggage can you collect it for me later?

    All airlines have lost baggage handling agents. You will need communicate with them as they will bring your lost luggage to you at no additional cost. In any other case, yes, of course, we can provide this assistance upon request.